Newcastle Housing Ventures, LLC

Summary of Experience

LIHTC Housing Authority Experience

For over 30 years Lou Trajcevski has an extensive record of collaboration with housing authorities; successfully partnering with urban, suburban and rural authorities.  The developments themselves are as varied as the housing authorities.  These include suburban assisted living, suburban/rural large scale mixed-income, Urban HOPE VI with off-site development requirements and suburban revitalization of State Moderate Rental developments.  

Current and past housing authority clients include, Stamford Housing Authority (d/b/a Charter Oak Communities, West Hartford Housing Authority, Glastonbury Housing Authority, New Canaan Housing Authority, Darien Housing Authority team, Norwalk Housing Authority, East Windsor Housing Authority and West Haven Housing Authority.  Newcastle was also a subcontractor to the development partner of the Bridgeport Housing Authority in the development of The Franklin & The Eleanor (the former Park City Hospital site).

CHFA & DOH Experience

Over his career Lou has worked closely with clients to access multi-family financing through CHFA, DECD and DOH.  Through CHFA, Newcastle has helped to secure tax-exempt bond mortgage financing, Investment Trust Account (ITA) mortgage financing, Community Investment Act (CIA) funds, Housing Tax Credit Contribution (HTCC) funds and 4% and 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). Since 2001, Newcastle has helped to prepare 19 winning 9% LIHTC applications and 13 winning 4% LIHTC applications.  Newcastle has also worked on developments whereby the local housing authority is the issuer of the tax-exempt bonds.  Newcastle has a comprehensive knowledge of the underwriting requirements of various CHFA programs, including the LIHTC program.

Lou served on the CHFA Advisory Committee for Underwriting and Asset Management.  

Lou's knowledge of DOH programs and requirements is equally comprehensive. Newcastle has helped clients access DECD/DOH HOME, FLEX and Housing Trust Funds. Since 2012, Newcastle has helped to prepare approximately 28 winning DOH applications.

Newcastle also has comprehensive knowledge of the CHFA-DOH Consolidated Application process; Lou is able to assist clients in the preparation of the application ensuring a valid and accurate scoring result. Newcastle was among the participants to comment on the application process and will provide further input as CHFA and DOH enhance the electronic application process.

Lou prides himself on maintaining a positive working relationship with the staff at both CHFA and DOH.

Newcastle's services are tailored to meet the needs of its client.  We can provide a broad range of services from specific tasks such as preparing a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit application to comprehensive services that would include preparation of all financing applications.  Once our client's goals are determined Newcastle will work tirelessly to bring the development to a successful closing.  We never lose sight of the fact that our client is the decision-maker and work diligently to provide comprehensive information to ensure that well-informed decisions are made.

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